Tips And Tricks to make Flutter Development easier

Oct 2, 2019

Tips And Tricks to make Flutter Development easier

Enabling AndroidX :

Instead of expecting an androidX error, you can always enable androidX right when you create the project.

Specifying package name :

You have to change the application ID/ package name at some point in your development. So why not at the time of project creation.

The above code will create an app with the application ID com.bimsina.awesome_app.

Reducing App Size:

Wondering why your app is larger than usual? It’s probably because the app is running in debug mode. Well to run you application in release mode, you can always build a version of apk that will be release in the Google PlayStore.

Building AndroidApp Bundle (aab):

PlayStore recommends that you upload aab instead of apk as it helps in the reduction of download size in the user’s end.

By using the target property you can specify to build only for 64 bit processors too.

Clean the project:

Facing a problem after adding various packages? The easiest solution is to clean the project and rebuild it again.

This will delete your build/ directory and its created again when you rebuild the application.