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If you know how to play Call Break, this is a perfect app to pass time or spend time with friends.

  • Traveling by bus, train, or plane? Play offline games with bots and hours will turn into minutes
  • Waiting for someone or something? Play a quick game or 2 and the wait will be over before you know
  • Are you with your friends but have nothing else to do? Host a Friend Match! This app will even calculate who won how much.

Call Break Multiplayer Game Features:

  1. Offline Call Break Card Game This callbreak app includes offline game mode with very smart bots (AI). This is our most popular game mode
  2. Callbreak Multiplayer Online Card Game Enjoy playing callbreak tash game with real players? Callbreak Multiplayer Card Game from KhelLabs is an online game where you can play against other real players
  3. Private rooms to invite your real-world friends Take the fun of playing against real players even further by inviting your family or friends to a private game
  4. Rejoin option after connection loss Don't let spotty Internet connection ruin the fun of playing Callbreak Multiplayer Online Card Game with friends. KhelLabs Callbreak tash game includes a rejoin feature that allows players to rejoin a game after connection loss
  5. Redistribute cards or redo the whole round Our game developers found that players quit games when they received unfavorable cards. We have now released a feature limited to offline game mode (Bot Match) that allows players to redistribute the cards or redo the round
  6. Minimum battery drain Call Break Multiplayer Online Card Game consumes the least battery and as a result, delivers maximum playtime
  7. Easy sharing You can easily share Call Break Multiplayer Online Tash Game with your friends using a QR code or by sending them a link to download the app

About Callbreak

Call Break Multiplayer is a fun and popular card game (closely related to Call bridge and Spades) that requires a combination of luck and strategy to win. The popularity of Callbreak card wala game rivals that of Teen Patti, 21, Solitaire, and hazari. There are many different variations of callbreak without any basis to declare one variation as the best or the standard. This mobile card game attempts to implement one of those variations with slight improvements where such improvements lead to a better experience for players. As call break spread around the world over several decades, it got different names like Call Break(in Nepal), Lakadi, or Lakdi (in India).

Call Break Card Game Rules:

  1. The game is played with 52 cards of a standard deck distributed equally among 4 players for 5 rounds
  2. After the cards are distributed each player makes a call based on the prediction of number of tricks that the current hand can win.
  3. The player on the right side of the dealer starts the first trick and each player throws a card of the same suit as the first thrower with the intention that the card has to win all cards available on the table for the trick except: if the player has no cards of the trick suit, a trump card (spade card) has to be thrown if there are no available spade cards to win the table, any card can be thrown
  4. The score is based on the points called and the tricks won. It is calculated as: a. If the number of tricks won is less than the score called the player gets the negative of the score call as points b. If the number of tricks won is greater than the score called, the points are given as 0.1 increments (e.g. if a player called 3 but scored 6, the score will be 3.3)

Earning Coins

  • When playing in Bot Match or Fast Match mode players will earn 1000, 200, 100, 50 based on their rank

  • When playing in Friend Match mode, players earn room points instead of coins : 1st => +6 points 2nd => -1 points 3rd => -2 points 4th => -3 points

  • If the total points of the winner exceed 20, room points are doubled

  • If any player has negative total score, points for that player are doubled